Darcy In Jane Austen's Pride And Prejudice

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Darcy is an extremely wealthy aristocrat. He is proud, haughty and extremely conscious of class differences. Darcy is first introduced in the story with arrogance which offends the local citizens he snubs. As the narrator says, the people at the ball are disgusted by his proud manners, because he only talks to his friends and does not wish to be introduced to anyone in the room. His haughtiness is also well demonstrated in his response to Mr. Bingley when he tries to persuade him to dance. There is no doubt he has refused, thinking himself to be superior to the other people there, whom he is clearly referring to, according to his standards, inferior and inelegant people. Especially when he refuses to dance with Elizabeth in reply to Mr. Bingley “She is tolerable; but not handsome enough to tempt me”, first strong impression along with prejudice has been created and adhered to the two protagonists’…show more content…
Darcy proposes to Elizabeth, he allows his pride to guide him as he refers to all the obstacles which he has had to overcome in order to make himself take this step. The proposal is filled with pride as he spends more time emphasizing their different social rank than actually asking her to marry him “he was not more eloquent on the subject of tenderness than of pride”, he dwells more on how unsuitable a match she is than on complimenting her or pledging his love. Thinking highly of himself, Mr. Darcy expects Elizabeth’s answer to be favorable and he is surprised when Elizabeth rejects him. Mr. Darcy could not suppose that a woman so inferior to him would decline his offer of marriage. He is also innocent of the fact that he is proud in a negative way, and that Elizabeth disapproves of it. So at first, when Mr. Darcy’s offer is declined, he is very angry because he cannot understand why Elizabeth declined his offer. He is at peak of pride then as still answers back as if her rejecting exactly is his honor of expecting and he is so thankful to her for
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