Film Analysis: Quentin Tarantino

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Quentin Tarantino is a unique case among the world of filmmaking, for a number of reasons.
The first one is his ability to combine cult aesthetics, themes, and notions with commercial success, thus being loved by both the "underground" and the mainstream audience.
The second one is his vast love for watching films, in contrast to other filmmakers who do not like watching other people's work so much. This tendency of his derives from the days he was working in Video Archives, a video store in California, where he "devoured" every film that came his way, and particularly exploitation movies from the 70's and 80's.
The third one is that his love for Asian cinema has led him to incorporate much of their style, characters, and aesthetics in his
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When an inspector visits the institution, the warden, Goda lets her out of her cell for the day; alas, she proceeds on traumatizing him with a self-made weapon, thus resulting in a riot.
However, the guards stifle the upheaval and proceed on severely punishing the prisoner, especially Nami, who is publicly raped by four guards. Nevertheless, after awhile she’s able to escape with six other convicts. The rest of the movie depicts the seven women struggling against the guards, the warden and each other.
"Female Convict Scorpion" is another Japanese exploitation film that inspired large parts of "The Bride," since Nami is also a wronged woman who seeks revenge through violence, while Bill as the evil archetype shares many similarities with the warden, the arch evil character of the Sasori franchise.
Sex and Fury (Norifumi Suzuki, 1973, Japan)
During the Meiji Era in Tokyo, Ocho witnesses her father’s death as a child, a spectacle that stigmatizes her to the point that revenge becomes eventually her sole purpose. Twenty years after the incident, Ocho has become an adept gambler, thief and swordmaster, abilities she is intent on using to exact revenge. However, the Yakuza is after her, and a friend’s dying request and a meeting with a foreign spy complicate her situation even
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They continue raping her for days after the incident until Shokei brings her to Tokyo with him as his concubine. During sex, Sayo wounds him fatally with a knife, so she ends up in prison.
Sayo has nothing except revenge on her mind, and she ends up having sex with every guard that comes her way in an attempt to conceive a powerful son, who will exact revenge in her stead. Eventually, one of them impregnates her; however, she delivers a girl and dies during childbirth. However, shortly before that, she forces her fellow inmates to promise they will tend to the infant. Moreover, she makes them swear an oath that she grows up to take revenge in her stead.
Six years later, one of them hands over the little girl to a monk, Dokai, who trains her in swordsmanship and martial arts. After she completes her training, Yuki renames herself to Lady Snowblood and sets on the path of
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