Character Analysis Of Quotes From Homer's Odyssey

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I 'm pretty sure they 've all done some fucked up shit. The thing is though, Ares does care for his daughter so he 's not in the category of only caring about himself. I don 't peace with them, I want to murder half of the gods. Then I can have my peace which is what I 'll strive for after this is all over with. Whether it 's by myself or with Aeson, Athena, Hades, Priscilla, and Saint. @idonotlikeusernames [quote="idonotlikeusernames, post:9678, topic:15482"] Ultimately none of the Gods would ever stand for us becoming more powerful than any of them, even if they do overthrow Zeus. So it wouldn 't matter one single bit. We 're a tool and they 'll dispose of us as soon as they believe it is opportune to do so. [/quote] Oh, yeah we 're definitely being…show more content…
[/quote] So, you would want Hades to stand by and let you get killed by someone? Not talking about Ares just speaking in general. You wouldn 't want him to help?[quote="idonotlikeusernames, post:9678, topic:15482"] Since at the moment he can 't kill or even hurt us too badly, because "fate" my mc would be up for that, particularly if it 's naked oil-wrestling. [/quote] You really want him, haha. The fuck? He 's so disrespectful though. I don 't see the appeal but you do you. [quote="idonotlikeusernames, post:9678, topic:15482"] My mc would love to, except we 're trapped on Olympus with no way to make money and even if we survive this whole ordeal my mc certainly isn 't planning on getting a demigod job or using his "diploma" from that horrid school they 're having us attend. [/quote] Mhm, well at least we have some money in our pocket from winning the poker game. I wouldn 't mind working in the hospital. I agree though we don 't have that much money to our name. We were homeless though for 3 years so we can

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