Character Analysis Of Raju In Hamlet

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The novel is the showcase of Raju’s queries of conventional way of life when he sets out to comprehend his dreams and desires. When it comes to Rosie, he is ready to break the social rules and traditions and he does not wish to follow any regulation of the society. However, in this respect Dr. Sunita Rani calls him a brave man as to fight and revolt against the society in this manner. Raju was the person against whom the whole society stands including his widowed mother. However, he does not really care about such thing and the hectic situation. He proves to be a kind of unique character who stands against all the odds of traditional society. He does all these things for Rosie (of course, for money also). Nonetheless, he lures Rosie, Marco's…show more content…
Here we can notice his awkward endeavors at realising his potential for vastness, and also the vision of his attempts in the direction of development that is morally instructive and ethically moving. Raju has been portrayed in an ordinary way. However, as the novel progresses the character of Raju is maturing further and further by stages. Though he earns his self- consciousness by tragic means, he is not a tragic character like Macbeth, or Hamlet because of the fact that he is a common man, not suffered to the level of the tragic protagonists. “Raju's self understanding and the knowledge of societal and holy accomplishment results from the purification of his soul or we may say Catharsis. This is something that amazes us and draws admiration”, Sunita Rani…show more content…
The movie Guide has been a classic from its very inception in 1965. The film has been interpreted and reviewed variously. The cast of the film is excellent as the main role of the guide is given to one of the leading actors of that time Dev Anand. His appearance on silver screen is eye catching and it attracts audience in bulk. Sandeep Gupta observes that, “Director Vijay Anand casts his superstar brother Dev Anand in a narrative which requires more than pleasant existence of Dev Anand.” Equally powerful is the heroine, Waheeda Rehma, her beauty, grace and dance proves to be perfect for the character of Rosie. It is difficult to say whether any other heroine could have done this role as perfect as her. The character of Marco is played by Kishore Sahu. He also does a wonderful job in keeping with his character. He too justifies his character by excellent acting like the other characters of the film. Sandeep Gupta also notes that “Superb music, the amazing picturization of songs and the classical performances of the major actors make the movie remarkable.” Esha Khanna observes that, “Dev saab presents the character of Raju to the paramount of his capacity. He is good-looking, sharp and smart, while Waheeda Rehman is the enthralling danseuse. They both go together very well.” She also notes that “this is the everlasting archetypal and there are not enough words to elucidate its brilliance.” Watch it to recognize

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