Discussion Questions For Lord Of The Flies

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1. Have you ever heard of the book known as “Lord of the flies” “AKA: LOTF” it has betrayal evil and murder; written by 3.William Golding, 4.the book is realistic fiction,if not you should read it or watch the movie on it so you can have a clear view. Is Jack or Ralph the better leader. In my eyes Ralph is the better leader because how he feels sayin you don’t follow me then survive out here alone without protection or shelter. 5.Jack is also a good leader but he is so power hungry it makes me feel like he’s a dictator and yes he also couldn’t be one either, but he makes me think he just wants to be more powerful than Ralph.6. Ralph is going for the most obvious goal which is, get off the island or get rescued either one will work in his eyes but he almost ends up kilt by jack in the uttermost end Ralph loses his group or followers to jack as well so Jack has become a savage killer but here’s my vision on the difference between these leaders... First off Ralph in Lord of Flies is a good leader because he seems more sane and more intelligent than Jack, Jack just wants to be the most powerful Man/person on the island and just really just wants to be number one and that his opinion, is what everyone wants to hear he’s kinda ignorant self centered just all the bossy traits as a dictator. Now ralph is better, for one reason he has his goal set this is a repeat from the intro but it’s true he wants to get off the island and in my eyes i would follow him because why
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