Character Analysis Of Ray Bradbury's 'Fahrenheit 451'

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Ahmad—Showing that firemen will start burning things instead of ending fire was a very nice idea I don’t know how you came up with this idea. Bradbury—I was thinking about the things that happen in real life but we don’t see it.We always see doctors as good people because they risk our lives but not all of the doctors are good just how we think.I want you to think decently about this if you meet somebody doesn’t think he is good just because he is a doctor or he is bad because he has another job that you don’t like.I wrote about this in Fahrenheit 451 when Clarisse told Montage that he is not like all other firemen. Ahmad—Yes, I read this and I think it was really good that you showed this thing because today in our lives we think bad things about people that we don’t know and in the reality we don’t know them very good to decide if they are good or not. Bradbury —Have you read the veldt? Ahmad—Yes, I did. Bradbury —What do you think about it? Ahmad—In the veldt, you show that the room became more important for the children than their parents.You showed also how it was the parent 's fault from the first because they made their sons depended on the room.I think that the message you had here been that we will never depend or be addicted so much on something because maybe this thing will hurt us in some way. Bradbury—It’s good that you understood why I wrote the veldt and what was the meaning with the veldt.Today you can easily see how people are addicted and depended on

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