Character Analysis Of Raymond Carver In Cathedral

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Raymond Carver, “Cathedral”. Carver’s main character is a man who reluctantly welcomes a blind visitor in his house. The character doesn’t want to meet him, but he is forced into hospitality because his wife has demanded he be courteous as proof of his love to her. Love motivates the husband to do something bold. Love is blind, sometimes causing crucial life-changing actions. The husband was a strong character. It was obvious he was a very understanding husband although, he was a little jealous of the connection between the blind man and his wife. The husband addressed to his wife the issues of images people have of handicap people such as blindness. After allowing the blind man into his home he realized people can be wrong about their images of one another. A handicap can teach you a lot about true love. It was certain that the husband loved his wife. The husband was willing to do whatever he needed to, and make her happy. He did not know how to act around someone with a handicap such as a blind person. The husband felt he would be awkward to be around. It was strange for him at first. The husband did not know what questions to ask or how to…show more content…
The husband finally found a way to communicate with the blind man through his eyes and voice. Even though the blind man could not see what was playing the husband explained to him about the beautiful Cathedral’s that was being shown on television. The husband asked the blind man if he had ever seen a Cathedral before. The blind man had not. The blind man asked the husband to get a pen and paper and draw with his eyes closed the Cathedral’s he saw on TV. He placed his hands on the husbands hand has he drew a Cathedral. It was at that point when the husband saw things through the eyes of a blind man. The blind man could see in his head the beautiful Cathedral the husband was drawing from placing his hands on the husband’s
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