Character Analysis Of Richard Wright's Native Son

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How would you respond in a society full of standards that you know you had no chance of reaching because of limited opportunities? In Richard Wright 's native son the character of Bigger lives in an area which is strongly influenced by poverty and he has now way to change that, and instead of acting in a civil manner he takes the approach in which society gives him. In this society work opportunities were limited so this already puts him in the negative for him to provide for his family, and even proved for his own personal needs. The standards of this society prohibited any black male from being successful and furthered their possibilities of getting into any trouble. Bigger responds working with a white family and by breaking his oppression by killing Mary (a white woman).

To start off his novel wright gives us this specific scene of this rat running around the apartment not only to show us the poverty and living conditions but to foreshadow the representation of how Bigger is looked at upon this society. In the story it states “A huge black rat squealed and leaped at Bigger’s trouser-leg and snagged it in his teeth, hanging on.(5)” Wright uses the word “Black” to represent a Bigger in that environment scrambling for opportunities but he have to go through a lot of obstacles to get to where he wants to be. Also because of this society Bigger is forced by his mother to go out and find a way to provide for his family. In the story Bigger mother says “Well, I’m telling agin!
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