Character Analysis Of Robert Neville In 'I Am Legend'

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Robert Neville, the last human in a dystopian future, must fight everyday to survive against the vampire related creatures that want his blood. The story follows him as he deals with his past and the desperate desire to survive and find other life. Clasen’s quote describes how Robert Neville in the novel I am Legend by Richard Matheson, fights through a hostile world, himself and the values of morality. Robert Neville deals with the frustration and pain that the creatures made him feel as they tore his life apart piece by piece, and now wait to take his entire life. Robert Neville, to get beyond the horrors of his past life and the ever present threats of his current life, deals with his anger and problems through ambivalent thoughts and drinking. Robert tries to survive and understand the creatures and why they won’t leave him alone. After failing to find any answers, he goes into a state of anger and confusion to the point of having thoughts to end his life. For example, “Be one of them. He chuckled at the simplicity of it, then shoved himself up and walked crookedly to the bar.” (Pg.29) Robert being confined to his house during the night, fights the urge, brought through the constant struggle with himself and dealing with his past. This creates internal conflict as he realizes his past life is gone so he drinks to get around the pain. Slowly he gets surrounded by his past and it consumes his fight for survival. But, he realizes …show more content…

Robert fights with himself to survive and realizes that he must push forward, away from his past and drinking. But by doing this, Robert begins to lose his humanity and faces the harsh realities of his world. Matheson's writing challenges the reader to think about what and how they would change if they were in the same situation as

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