Character Analysis Of Rosa Hubbermann In The Book Thief

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In the The BookThief, by Markus Zusaks, the character Rosa Hubbermann appears as a cold-hearted, overbearing character, yet as the story develops Rosa begins to evolve into a loving and compassionate character. Rosa shows her strictness by the constant demands she puts on Liesel, but she is actually caring for Liesel by being strict. Rosa wants the best for Liesel and believes that being tough on her will help her be stronger later in life. For example, Rosa and Liesel are dropping off the wash for all of the customers and Rosa makes Liesel drop off the wash at the worst house: "What? Mama shoved her, you heard me, saumensch. Move it." ( Zusaks 42) In this quote the side of Rosa comes out that she is cold-hearted as she curses at her Liesel
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