Character Analysis Of Roy Spivey By Miranda July

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Everybody has certain dreams and expectations that they wish to be fulfilled in their lives. However when the chance finally occurs to realize one 's dream, it may in fact be so overwhelming that it goes straight over our heads, and when we finally realize what had happened it will be far too late. Such a realisation occurs to the main character in Miranda July’s short story “Roy Spivey”, when the protagonist suddenly realizes that her life could have easily been very different, if she had just made a single phone call to a man she met a long time ago.
In Miranda July’s short story “Roy Spivey” the reader is told about an encounter that the protagonist had had several years back, through the use of a flashback. At the start of the flashback the reader is told the following; “If I were a more self-assured person I would not have volunteered to give up my seat on an overcrowded flight, would not have been upgraded to first class, would not have been seated beside him. This was my reward for being a pushover.” From this section of the short story the reader gets the impression that the woman is unconfident, miserable and dissatisfied with her current lifestyle. She has been pushed around her entire life, and this series of random events caused by her timidness has finally lead to meeting an famous actor called Roy Spivey. Shortly after meeting each other, the woman and Roy Spivey immediately form some sort of relationship and begins to exchange intimate information about
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