Character Analysis Of Salva And Nya In A Long Walk To Water

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¨A dream is a wish your heart makes¨ -Walt Disney. In the novel, A Long Walk to Water, by Linda Sue Park, there are two characters in the story named Salva and Nya, and they both have a very big dream. Salva dreams about his family and finding them and the war being over. Nya dreams about having sanitized water and not having to walk miles, and miles, and having a real home to stay in. Nya is very mature, she walks all day to provide her family with water that’s not even sanitized. In addition, she is always taking care of her family. Salva is anxious because he does not know where is family is and he had nobody to stay with, his friend Mariel even died.
Salva is extremely anxious because he has no clue where his family is. It´s 1985 in Southern Sudan, and there is a horrible war going on. On page 22 it states ¨Salva´s feet kept time with the thoughts in his head the same words over and over: Where
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Nya is currently living in a “house” closer to water than usual. Even though she is living in a place closer to the river, she still struggles to get her family water. On page 22, it states, ¨Nya would make trips back and forth to the pond; it took nearly all day.¨ This proves her maturity as she is helping her family through the tough times and providing her family with the water they require. Another example that shows Nyaś maturity is that she is always taking care of her family even when she is in bad conditions. This is evident because she makes trips to the pond all day, she has no time for education , and has no time for anything other than getting water. She puts all her effort into saving energy to provide her family with water. Overall, Nya is showing her family and friends that she is mature whenever she spends and takes her time on getting water, and taking care of her
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