Character Analysis Of Santiago In The Sea

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Santiago- He is a strangely confident fisherman, who is modest too. He has not caught a fish for eighty-four days, which seems like it would cause someone to question their ability as a fisherman. That is not the case though; he still believes he is doing all the right things. He has amazing persistence and it is seen with how he stays with the marlin for three days.
Manolin- He is a very young boy. He was the apprentice of Santiago. His parents made him stop being the apprentice, but he still had a connection with Santiago. He has very much compassion shown throughout the book. He consoles Santiago after the marlin is eaten and he also supplies bait and food for Santiago.
The Marlin- He is like a mirror image of Santiago, it has all the same traits as him. Whenever Santiago increases his perseverance the Marlin does the same. The marlin has become a controlling force in Santiago’s life and once the Marlin is eaten the life of Santiago seems to be eaten up too.
The Sharks- They ruin what Santiago has been working at for three full days. They seem to be the villains in the book, but also they are just animals unconsciously going after prey. I do think that if there has to be a villain then it would be these sharks.
It is in the 1940’s, in the waters near Cuba. The setting has a lot to do with the title. The setting is just in the sea, with an old man in it. The setting being in the ocean is important because out at sea Santiago is isolated from the
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