Character Analysis Of Saving Sourdi By May Chai Lee

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I’m Trying My Best We always say that we protect our loved ones from unfamiliar things or situations that may put them in danger, but is this true? . Are protecting our loved ones or ourselves?. The author May Chai Lee in the short story “Saving Sourdi”, it’s a first person perspective that talks about a young sister name Nea that wants to “save” Sourdi the older from a fix marriage that their mother has arrange with an older man. And how Nea deals with this events. This story is written with the immature and unreliable 12-year old perspective. These two sisters have grown together all through their life’s, creating a strong bound, and the fact that her family and a “old guy” is taking away her sister is something she can’t stand. In the end Nea believes that she is saving Sourdi from Mr.Chhay and her mother. However what Nea does not understand in all her youth and idealism , is that sourdi does not want to be saved: She willfully accepts her fate and her marriage to Mr.Chhay because she finds financial stability and a secure future. Since the beginning of the story Nea believes that she is saving or protecting Sourdi from the expectations of her mother and Mr. Chhay. The mother and the uncle have fix a marriage with an older man named Mr.Chhay. Sourdi is a young girl that has a boyfriend name Duke, But her mom really dosen’t cares what Sourdi thinks or wants. So Sourdi meets Mr.chhay and she feels uncomfortable in the
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