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Michael Northrop’s Trapped, follows the main character Scotty Weems and his friends. Although the author is wordy throughout the entirety of the book, the reader is captured into the novel with its compelling plot. Scotty Weems, a quite boring teenager, suddenly becomes trapped in his highschool with seven other students. A snowstorm turns into a terrifying blizzard which leaves Scotty and his friends trapped at their high school. With almost a week of continuing snowfall (a little difficult to believe), the snow piles up almost 15 feet leaving the school with a power outage, no heat, and a collapsing roof. Therefore, Scotty and his friends have to quickly figure out how to escape the school with the resources around them.

Even though every character in this book has a distinct personality, they were
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With its underlying theme of make the best of the resources around you, the book uses unconventional ways to resolve some of the conflicts throughout the novel. For example, to help walk across the snow, Scotty builds well-made snow shoes which helps him walk away from the school to find help for him and his friends. Although the idea of the snow shoes was somewhat simple, the construction of it was arduous with many failed attempts. The author found different alternatives which helped enhance the snow boot to ultimately work. Throughout the book, the plot had many twists and turns that were unexpected and captivating.

While one of my favorite genres is definitely survival books, this one did not meet to my usual standards. Despite its compelling plot, the description and flow of the book was very lousy at times proving Trapped is a fair book. Despite its questionable writing style, I would still recommend this book if you completely adore survival stories and realistic fiction.

Trapped by Michael
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