Character Analysis Of Scueaky In 'Raymonds Run'

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Squeaky Have you ever heard of a girl who always likes to run? Well, squeaky is one for you. Squeaky is a character in “Raymonds Run” by Toni Cade Bambara who takes care of her brother and she’s responsible for him. She loves to take place in races. She trains every day for the race. Squeaky’s characteristics are judgemental, athletic, and confident. The first trait, is Squeaky is judgemental. First, she judges Gretchen. She always is saying that she brags about everything she does and once you get her to talk she never stops talking(p.40). Next, she makes fun of Cynthia. “Last week she won the spelling bee for the millionth time. What a nerd.” She makes fun of how she get good grades, but she never thinks about studying for the tests(p.40).
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