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Sherlock Holmes is a fictional detective and genius from the imaginative of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. While the character has been portrayed in various different mediums, through modern television shows, and big-budget Hollywood movies, the original character derives from a series of short tales from the late 1800’s. The iconic character is a household name due to the modern adaptation which are all owed to the brilliant writing of Doyle. Doyles character is a quick-witted braniack who is able to use his talents to solve crime. Sherlock Holmes observes everyone and looks for minsule details to understand the perceive the person he is studying. The character notices everything about a person and often surprises his sidekick, Watson with these…show more content…
Watson is even amazed by Holmes quick observations. “...that without leaving your room you can unravel some knot which other men can make nothing of, although they have seen every detail for themselves?” The knot which Watson is referring to is a symbol for situations, stories, or problems. He is saying that Holmes can solve something in great detail without even a hint of struggle, while most people could not even begin to comprehend the situation. Holmes then explains his logic on knowing where Stamford was. `Here is a gentleman of a medical type, but with the air of a military man. Clearly an army doctor, then. He has just come from the tropics, for his face is dark, and that is not the natural tint of his skin, for his wrists are fair. He has undergone hardship and sickness, as his haggard face says clearly. His left arm has been injured. He holds it in a stiff and unnatural manner. Where in the tropics could an English army doctor have seen much hardship and got his arm wounded? Clearly in Afghanistan.' Holmes took in Stamford appearance, the way he carries himself and his actions, this is evident in Holmes comment on “Here is a gentleman of a medical type, but the the air of a military man..”, just by…show more content…
His explanations and his observations are now the modern day research. These actions are relatable to a course in research because of the explanation. In the course, an explanation must be given, the writer has to be able to backup their claims just as Sherlock Holmes did. If the writer does not explain the thought process or the reasoning, it makes the claims uncredible. If Sherlock Holmes answered Watson with “I just know”, when Watson inquired how he knew Stamford was returning from Afghanistan, it would have made the story less interesting and convincing. In a paper, the writer has to be able to explain everything for the paper to be taken

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