Highschool Romance Analysis

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Highschool Romance
With parents who work for the government and are always off on business, Shoji the lead character in Highschool Romance has gotten pretty used to changing schools. What he did not expect however was his mother labelling him as female on the enrollment form for his latest school. This would not have been such a big issue were it not for the fact that it is an all-girls school and he can’t get a hold of his parents. With it being the start of his final year of high school Shoji has no choice but to accept the suggesting of his new principle and pass himself off as a girl.
What follows is the adventures of Shoji as he learns how to dress like a girl and blend in with the rest of the students. Fortunately for Shoji he already looks very feminine and all it takes is a quick hairdo change for him to disguise his gender. After the initial shock of parading around in skirts and panties wears off Shoji finds himself drawn to two very different classmates. Hoshi, the class rep, is a shy and
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Anyone who has ever played a visual novel before will feel right at home and even newcomers will have no trouble clicking through the text and performing functions like saving or loading. The game doesn’t feature any speech, so prepare for quite a bit of reading, but since everything is well written this doesn’t feel like a chore. After completing all three different routes we only spotted a couple of errors in the text and none of them are too serious. We should also mention that all the text in the game is displayed in bold on a red background, which might cause issues for some players. The soundtrack isn’t too bad although there are a couple of tracks that feel like they don’t really fit in that well. The game also features a gallery viewer to check out the CGs, but no audio player to listen to the soundtrack. In addition, sound effects are functional, but not exactly
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