Sister Carrie Literary Analysis

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The initiation story is a literary genre that focuses on the psychological and moral growth of the protagonist from youth to adulthood. It mainly shows that young protagonists after experiencing certain events who are changed his original world view, or are changed his character, or both. These changes get rid of his childhood innocence and finally lead him to enter a real but complex adult world. Just like these themes, such as love, death, and life, growth is a classic and eternal theme. As a result, growth is one of the significant literature writing resources.
In Sister Carrie, Carrie should have been one of the traditional housewives which are accessories of man, like her sister Minnie; however, after meeting four men, she finally pays …show more content…

The Hansons represent traditional and conservative families that are engaged in their jobs strenuously every day. This kind of people does not pursue entertainment and hedonism but only put their eyes on minimum standard of living, such as housing, food, and children. To Hanson, his biggest ambition is to build a house in the two lands that he has paid for months in installment plan. Under such grueling environment, the Hansons consent Carrie to live in their house for Carrie could pay the rent and relieve the burden of their family. During living in Hanson’s house, the only subject they talked to each other is work. Beyond that, Hanson cares nothing about his sister-in-law.
Instead of talking the impacts from Hanson to Carrie, it would be fairer to say the impacts from Hanson to Minnie. After marriage, Minnie’s outlook on life is greatly influenced by her husband, therefore, she views a narrower conception of pleasure and duty than the time she was a girl in the small place. Minnie is affected by the seriousness and prudencere of Hanson, becoming a cautious, timid, and smooth woman. Faced with the changes of Carrie’s sister, Carrie is more resistant to become the same traditional woman like her sister. As a result, Carrie is pushed to the second male character …show more content…

In the course of the time, more and more people pay attention to the artistic talent of Carrie. By asking friends, she also changes many theaters in order to get more salary and higher position. She is still a beautiful and clever girl, while Hurstwood now has been an old man who misses his ambition and ability. Stepping Progressively, Carrie is likely to escape from Hurstwood who is useless. In addition, under the influence of her neighbor’s cousin Ames who is an educated youth, she is reluctant to be a traditional woman. At her last growth phrase, she pays attention to her spiritual world.
To sum up, Carrie certainly grows in a way. From the pure little girl to a superstar in theater, she had given up her body in exchange for material life and higher social status. After experiencing two fake and wrong relationships, she eventually realizes what her really power is. At last, she never relies on men but herself. The reason why Carrie is cheated by men again and again is that Carrie is too young to analyze the development of things. In the beginning, desire and lazy take control of her. Although she had struggles and hesitations, she still follows her lusts so that loses in the lies of

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