Sonny's Blues Analysis

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Sonny’s Blues is a story written by James Baldwin a man who is known for his involvement in the civil rights movement in the 1960s. The setting of this book takes place in the 50s right after the Korean war when soldiers are coming home from the war. What strengthens this story more is Baldwin's background and his involvement in the Civil rights movement. Sonny’s blues follow from the perspective of Sonny’s older brother which is interesting considering that while Sonny is the main character, his brother is the narrator and also it doesn’t specify what Sonny’s older brother name is. This story puts the reader in the heart of Harlem a poor area. Sonny’s older brother who also lives in Harlem but lives in what he thinks is a better part of Harlem while he’s in a better area still Harlem. One important thing in this story is the…show more content…
Though the story gives the perspective of Sonny’s older brother, we can see how he’s tried his hardest to distance himself from the black community and try to assimilate. While Race isn’t out in the open in the book, clear that during that (in the 50s) that Race issues were a big role. We can almost attribute the situation in Harlem as the effects of racism and segregation. These two brothers are forced to struggle rather it be Sonny’s older brother and his struggle to come to terms with protecting his younger brother and having to assimilate into society. Another thing is Sonny’s addiction to drugs and his struggle is conveyed through his music. It not only moves his brother but also the people around him and that is very significant for this story. Sonny uses Music as his escape from it not even so much as an escape but something to unite his people and bring them together. This is seen towards the end when his brother sees him play in the end for the first time. His older brother is almost moved because of
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