Character Analysis Of Soraya In The Kite Runner

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Soraya was the wife of Amir and a flat, static character in the story. She had a gently hooked nose, luminous eyes, and a sickle-shaped birthmark on her jaw. She was kind and beautiful. However, because she was impulsive and rebellious in the past and ran away with a boyfriend, she had no suitors until Amir fell in love with her. She was loyal to Amir and supported his decision to become a writer. She was unable to have children, so she was overjoyed to learn that Amir was going to adopt Sohrab. However, when Sohrab was cold and unresponsive, she distanced herself to give him the space he needed.

In the story, Farid was a flat but dynamic character. He was Amir’s taxi driver to Kabul and an acquaintance of Rahim Khan. He is 29
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The character that displayed the most loyalty was Hassan. Hassan was Amir’s servant and friend. Hassan would do everything that Amir asked him to and took the blame when anything happened. He wanted to stay by Amir’s side forever. He could not hold a grudge even after he was raped, writing friendly letters addressed to Amir about his life. On the other hand, Amir was portrayed as an unloyal friend until the end of the book. Amir treated Hassan badly out of jealousy and shame. However, Amir was able to atone for his mistreatment by taking care of Sohrab. He finally shows his loyalty towards Hassan by giving Sohrab a better life in America. Farid was another loyal friend. Even though he was the taxi driver and did not have to help Amir, he stayed by Amir’s side throughout the trip and aided Amir in his quest to find Sohrab. Farid even took Amir to the hospital after he was injured in the fight with Assef. Soraya and Amir’s relationship also developed the motif of loyalty because they did not leave each other after learning about each other’s dark…show more content…
It was the cause of everything. Amir betrayed Hassan by not stopping Hassan’s rape. However, this betrayal mentally affected Amir more than it affected Hassan. This betrayal overwhelmed Amir with guilt, causing him to betray his friend Hassan even more. Amir threw pomegranates at Hassan and framed Hassan for thief. The rest of the story shows Amir trying to redeem himself for his betrayal. Baba also betrayed Ali by sleeping with his wife. Although Baba died before he could make up for his sins, Amir atoned for both of their past mistakes by adopting Sohrab and taking care of
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