Character Analysis Of Squeaky In All American Slurp

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Squeaky really wants to have a real friend relationship. In All American Slurp the main character has no friends like Ssqueaky but for different reasons. The Lin girl has no friends because she is an immigrant who does not know the ways of the American culture. Squeaky on the other hand has no friends because she is easily triggered and is aggressive. Now it is okay to be angry, but Ssqueaky holds a grudge and gets in your face. These stories can be contradictory in this aspect. In ¨All American Slurp¨ the girl wants friends but she doesn't know how to fit in, but in Raymond's Run Squeaky is capable of making friends but isn't kind to people.The other reason why she doesn't have friends is because she has to take care of Raymond. Raymond can be a handful because he is disabled. Another reason why she doesn’t have friends is because if…show more content…
Squeaky can show this when she brags she is the fastest thing on two feet. Squeaky can also show this when she keeps saying ¨ she's the fastest thing in the neighborhood and everyone knows that. And even the fact that she dusted off the request to go easy on the new girl.
The lin girl in the opposite in some aspects. What I mean by that is she isn’t like the go getter competitive squeaky she is more shy and keeps to herself. She shows this when she is at the party and she doesn't talk to too many people there after repeatedly being mortified by her family. An other time in the story when she show this is a little more discrete but she only has one friend. Apart from having trouble making friends she only tried making one friend.
So in conclusion to the the entire essay the theme is holding the character back from what they really want. In squeakies case she needs to be kinder to people and people will be kinder to her. But in all American slurp she wants friends as well but the differences in culture make it hard for her to fit in. So in total the only thing squeaky and the lins want is a true
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