Character Analysis: Surrounded By Sharks

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Often when reading books, the reader may compare themselves to to main character. This could be for reasons such as to get a different point of view on a struggle they may share or to help the reader understand that everyone is different and there is no need to be ashamed of who they are. Davey is the main character in the book “Surrounded by Sharks” and some could say I am the main character of my story which is life. Despite that we both share similar hobbies and personality traits such as staying indoors in a quiet area, we have an additional amount of differences. Commonly, no two families are exactly the same and constantly vary between the number of people within the family or where the family originated from. Lastly, throughout our lifetime,…show more content…
After being dragged away by a current he compares the feeling to a never-ending pool. A pool in which it simulates a current that you attempt to swim against and the only way to get out is to take a few strong strides to a side. “You could swim forever and never reach the end of that thing. That’s why they called it a never-ending pool. But all you had to do was take a few quick strokes to the side to reach the edge. That’s how you got out.” (98). I on the other hand, have never seen a never-ending pool let alone use one. Also, whilst sitting in the ocean he was bitten twice, one time was caused by a blue shark and the other was due to a much larger shark called a tiger shark “Davey has been bitten by a shark. It shouldn’t have been this surprising; he’d been surrounded by the things” (186). Even though I have seen and touched sharks, I have never had the chance to get bitten by one. This whole story, as previously mentioned, was taken place in Florida. Due to this, Davey has been to Florida, although this is his first time, he has visited this state. I on the contrary have never been to Florida, although I have visited other states in America. All-in-all, Davey and I have experienced different things, as well as seen things differently even if we were in the same situation
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