Character Analysis Of Tatton In Fair Blowss The Wind

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One could wonder what it would be like to be alone and trying to run away from the people that are trying to kill them. The book Fair blows the wind is about a guy just that, his dad was killed when he is young leaving him to live all alone. Now he is trying to be a pronounced swordsman to get revenge. The main character unearthed a guy that is a pronounced swordsman and is learning from him. In this journal one can see that Tatton is trying to find the truth about how to work a blade, finding who he is and his family’s past, and finding the girl he loves.

Tatton is trying to find the truth about how to work a blade. He is scouring the countryside in the efforts to locate a teacher. He is attempting to be the best swords man that ever walked the earth. One can see that Tatton has a drive to locate Fergus MacAskill in this quote, “’I wish to be the best swordsman in the world, and I once thought I had
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He is in a blinding love where he is not thinking about the outcome, but only about the prize at the end of the race (: (figurative langue). One could conclude that Tatton is going to get him self in trouble trying to get this girl, “’You do not know her,’ I replied stubbornly, ‘but we’ll get nothing done just standing around here’ (L’amour, 44).” One can clearly see that Tatton is standing up for the girl that he likes. He is doing this blindly and very destructively. One can clearly see that this is a very self-destructive behavior that is a ticking time bomb about to go off in his face (: (Metaphor). He is jeopardizing his relationship with a guy that he knows to a girl that he know hardly anything about. Tatton is soon going to slip up and make a mistake. That mistake could cost him greatly just because he is so closed-minded and only focusing on one thing, and that is the girl that he has a crush on. He is also very defensive of the girl and might protect her if it means endangering his own
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