Character Analysis Of Terry Trueman's Stuck In Neutral

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Reading is very powerful, it has the ability to transport the reader into the narratives shoes and can make one see, feel, and imagine being the characters in the book. In Terry Trueman 's Novel, “Stuck in Neutral” Trueman makes the reader become immersed in the world of the main character, Shawn. Shawn McDaniel is a fourteen your old boy with cerebral palsy, a neurological disorder that affects Shawn’s motor skills, and control. Shawn has no way of communicating with his family, and they believe he has no higher functioning skills. However, Shawn has a phenomenal memory and can respond very well to people, but only in his mind. His cerebral palsy left his entire body to paralyze and unable to even blink as a means of communication. Trueman starts “Stuck in Neutral” when Shawn giving the reader of an overview of his life and family which consists of his mother, sister, brother, and his father who divorced Shawn’s mother. Shawn states early in the reading his father divorced his mother because he could not “deal” with Shawn and…show more content…
One’s disability should never make another person believe they are incapable of doing nothing and are unintelligent. There are several cases such as Shawn’s of individuals being paralyzed but having untapped potential or having someone telling them they are unintelligent. I can personally speak of have met people who have mild cases of cerebral palsy and still go onto doing great things. In High school, our manager for the girl soccer team was a student who has CP and could only communicate with his eye tracking speech device. However, many looked down on him and thought he was unintelligent, but many did not know he was valedictorian of his class. Many put his physical disability before his true intelligence, what many did to Shawn in Stuck in
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