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In the book Stand Off, The lead character is Ryan Dean. Ryan is a 15 years old senior at a private school called Pine Mountain, since this was his last year Ryan wanted to relax but instead he is haunted by his past. Ryan’s coach expects him to the play the role of his dead friend Joey and be the captain of the whole Rugby team. To make things worse Ryan gets roomed with a twelve year old freshman who is a whiz at cooking. Ryan dean can 't even draw for fun anymore because he keeps drawing NATE(The Next Accidental Terrible Experience). Ryan is just a nomal teanager who is a senior at the age of 15 and goes to an all private school. Ryan has a funny attitude with a little sharp temper because when he gets angry he isn 't afraid to get in a fist…show more content…
The first reason why I would relate to Ryan is that we both have a short but controllable temper because when someone says anything bad about me or my family I don 't even hesitate on saying something back unless I have some sort of respect for them. The second reason is that a couple of years ago I had a friend called jack, we were best friends who were in the same class and played the same sports. I don 't know how it happened but one day I was playing with on his train toys( we were like 6 year old) and I accidently stepped on it and broke it. Jack asked immediately assumed that i broke even though I completely denied it, afterward we were never the same again because of those train toys I broke. This is related to Ryan because in the last book JP asked Anna to the dance and immediately they got into a fight that lasted until the book ended and even in this book they still have a shaky friendship. My example isn 't as sad as JP and Ryan because they knew each other since their freshmen year, one girl was able to ruin it all. Jack moved away in six grade and I haven 't seen him ever since but I always wished that I had admitted it and
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