Character Analysis Of The Book Twisted By Laurie Halse Anderson

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Twisted This summer, I chose to read the book Twisted which was written by Laurie Halse Anderson. In Twisted, I noticed how each of the main characters personality traits played a key role throughout the story. I realized who I would and wouldn’t enjoy as a classmate. I know that classmates can “make or break” a class so they’re an important part in a classroom environment. If you have classmates who respect, listen, and lend their helping hand to each other, then you will most likely have a great classroom environment and experience in that class. On the contrary if you have disruptive students who don’t cooperate with one another, this will lead to a dysfunctional classroom experience. The book Twisted has characters who fit into both of those roles. One character who I would consider an ideal classmate would be Tyler’s best friend Calvin, also known as Yoda. Yoda cares for people other than himself and always lends a helping hand. He often finds himself putting his needs second to others who are also in need of help. For example on page 88 it states, “The ball lifted off the field and traveled in a direct line to my sister’s face. Yoda was off the bench before the ref blew the whistle.” Yoda was right by Hannah’s side and was taking care of her when she got hurt. Nothing else mattered to him except caring for Hannah. I would want a classmate or a friend for that matter who would help me out when I couldn’t help myself, just like how he helped Hannah. This
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