Character Analysis Of The Character Of 'Clarissa Dalloway'

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Clarissa Dalloway is an English woman who is married to a conservative member of the parliament. However, it is given just the essential information about him. Richard Dalloway is not a relevant character and the sole objective of such character seems to be that she managed to constitute a traditional family. It is successfully done in a society which has been putting pressure on her all the time. Her big plan to change to world, or her world, with Sally is not carried out and she reflects about it throughout the novel when she is on her own.
Clarissa relates to every character of the novel in different and defined ways. Some of them have a strong impact on her reflections. The old lay who has been her neighbor for many years takes importance when the big beg strikes at half-four. The time is a minor but a relevant detail which can be analyzed from various perspectives. Firstly it shows her lifestyle. She lives in one of the most expensive area of London. Secondly, the reference of time is selected to show another aspect of traditional English society, tea time. it is impossible not think about the importance of this period of time, which is worldwide kwon, of people of upper class.
The old lady. Clarissa´s neighbour, lives isolated in her own world like Clarissa. She also realizes that she knows very little about her. She knows only what the old lady wants to show. According to Clarissa´s behaviour, they live lives which are quite similar. They lives isolated in their
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