Xmen Film Analysis

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The movie Xmen is a science fiction action movie that tells the story of humans born with extraordinary abilities called mutants and the conflict they encounter fitting in with ordinary humans. There is shifting power dynamics between the two groups, as the mutant population is increasing, certain factions of the humans try to enforce stricter control and regulations over the mutants because they are fearful of the mutants strength. This is similar to the problems experienced by minorities looking for equal rights in America, unfortunately, other groups in power sometimes, are afraid of minorities in their quest for equality, so they try to place restrictions on minorities freedom. The film, Xmen belongs to a series of nine movies, the first…show more content…
Logan starts out as a fighter in a ring and the camera lense is pointed up at him resulting in the audience seeing Logan as strong and powerful. The camera stays focused on him at this angle for the entire first scene we have with Logan showing all the commanding elements of his character. In the next scene Logan enters a bar with a young woman called Rogue and for the first time the camera angle comes down to a neutral angle. Rogue happens to be a mutant. This camera work tells the audience that their is no hierarchy between these two mutants. After Logan gets in an altercation with another mutant he is brought to Xavier’s school for gifted youngsters. He wakes up on an operating table with medical devices attached to his body and has no idea where he is. After stumbling off the table, he wanders into a hallway which seems cozy and welcoming but this new environment flusters him putting him off balance, he becomes dizzy and the camera tilts to a canted angle. This camera technique gets the audience to feel his confusion with
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