Character Analysis Of The Film Xmen

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The movie Xmen is a science fiction action movie that tells the story of humans born with extraordinary abilities called mutants and the conflict they encounter fitting in with ordinary humans. There is shifting power dynamics between the two groups, as the mutant population is increasing, certain factions of the humans try to enforce stricter control and regulations over the mutants because they are fearful of the mutants strength. This is similar to the problems experienced by minorities looking for equal rights in America, unfortunately, other groups in power sometimes, are afraid of minorities in their quest for equality, so they try to place restrictions on minorities freedom. The film, Xmen belongs to a series of nine movies, the first film was created in 2000. It used impressive, and dramatic camera angles to show the dynamic power struggle between the humans and mutants, as well as, to make the audience feel empathy for some of the characters and to show the relationships among the characters. The film uses many contrasting low and high angles to portray the incongruity in levels of power between groups and characters. A low angle which is where the camera is pointed up at something makes the subject seem more dominant, and in turn, makes the audience feel more submissive. A high angel is when the camera is focused down on a subject making it appear weak or frightened and lacking authority. Angles that are eye level dissolve the power differences between characters,

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