Character Analysis Of The Giver

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MAIN CHARACTERS JONAS: Jonas is the main character in the book. Everything that happens in the book happens from Jonas’s point on view, you get to know how he feels, his thoughts and all the minor characters. Jonas is an ‘’11’’ which means he is eleven years old. In December he turns twelve, same as all the other children born on the same year as him. From the start of the book you get to know that being a ‘’12’’ is very important because you get to know what you’re going to do your whole life, basically your career. Jonas is unsure of how he should express himself on how he feels about it to his family, it’s difficult for him, but he eventually decides he feels Apprehensive. Jonas has light eyes unlike the others that have dark, he doesn’t like is when his little sister Lily points it out. He has dark hair like the rest of the community. Jonas is generous and a curios soul, he wonders and questions more and more about the community the more he gets to know from The Giver. He is open about his feelings like the rest of the community . At the ceremonies they do in the community each year to find out what they’re going to do the rest of their life Jonas gets picked out as The Receiver. Being The Receiver is important in the community, The Receiver gets memories from the past before the world was the way it is now and how they lived. Jonas feels nervous but exited and interested in it the more he gets to know. He gets the memories from the giver, who was

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