Nick Carraway Character Analysis

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Although written in the roaring twenties, The Great Gatsby is one of the tragic love story of the century. The story follows Nick Carraway, a quiet man who moved to the flourished West Egg from the Midwest. Although told in the viewpoint of Nick, he isn’t observant which hides many true facts and paves way to many biased opinions, much like Janie from Their Eyes are Watching God. Janie is introduced in the book as a runaway, who comes back to her town of Eatonville, after leaving with her third love. Janie is a strong but very standoffish character, she has beliefs, but doesn’t always follow them and she often lets others overshadow her own opinions blocking her own personality. Often someone’s identity can be overshadowed by other people and their environment.…show more content…
He is quickly met the realization that a new life wasn’t something to get used to as quickly as he seemed to have wanted, “It was sharply different from the West, where an evening was hurried from phase to phase, towards its close in a continually disappointed anticipation or else in sheer nervous dread of the moment itself” (Fitzgerald 12). Everything seemed to move slower than Nick had lived with. In the West they didn’t have time to slow down and enjoy everything while in the East they had the time to slow down and enjoy everything, unlike his fast paced beginnings. The great contrast to this lost adventurers tale would be Their Eyes Are Watching God. The tale follows Janie, an African American woman and her journey to find herself and love. In the beginning of this story Janie is given away by her Grandmother to an older man, Logan Killicks for her protection. We are given an insight of Janie’s misinformed character, she assumes that she would love Logan as soon as they were officially
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