Character Analysis Of The Great Gortby By Robert Gatsby

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The story is set in a dark corner of the park where the dusk has fallen heavily. The author presents the dusk as the hour of the defeated, an ideal setting for people who have lost all their hopes to reach the pinnacle of success and lead a happy life. Gortsby, the main character of the story, was disenchanted and sat on the bench having failed to reach a subtle ambition of life. He noticed an elderly gentleman sitting on the same bench with a pessimistic attitude as if he was a complete loser. When the gentleman left a young man quickly replaced him. When he sat on the bench, he uttered some harsh words angrily as if he wanted Gortsby to pay attention to his plight. Gortsby asked him what had went wrong with him and the young man explained to him how everything had went wrong with him since he came to the city. When Gortsby did not reply back to him, the young man conversed with Gortsby in such a way that he would believe him but then also Gortsby did not believe him. From the above excerpt of the story, one can say that Gortsby, although disillusioned was confident of his judgement of the people around him. He took a cynical pleasure in observing people around him. His observation skills could be seen from the way he interpreted the elderly gentleman sitting beside him. He thought that the gentleman had tried very hard to achieve something in life but had turned out as a complete loser. He also thought that the man had little pride left in him and not enough money to buy
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