The Green Forest Analysis

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One of the things that I noticed when watching one-minute plays is the characterizations the actors bring to what the writer has written and how the plot moves and is still an intelligible story. The Green Forest Characters: Elf, Kerry, Leopard Fade In on a very bright green forest. One day Elf was sitting on a green moss colored rock in the forest and he was wondering what he was going to do this day. Along came Kerry who seem to startle Elf. Elf: (shaken) Who are you and what are you doing walking in the green forest all alone? Kerry: (unsure of self) I am Kerry a caregiver who is very lost. Can you show me the way to Glencross? I have business there. Both start walking down the path that seemed to just appear out of nowhere. Kerry:…show more content…
These are the herbs that help when I have a headache and not feeling like myself. Elf: You seem to have more in your bag there is that why you are going to Glencross and the person you are going to help. Kerry: Yes, the man is well to do and has tried everything that his doctor in town has prescribed and he remembered me somehow. Elf: Interesting. We are almost at the end of the forest and Glencross is right down the gravel road. Kerry and Elf continues walking down the forest path. They reach the gravel road and the two part. Kerry: Thank you for the directions and the company through the forest. On the way back I hope to see you again and you can tell me how Leopard is doing. Elf: Will do and good luck on you care giving business and I hope your patient feels better too. (Elf turns around and Elf is not longer good.) Kerry enters Glencross and cares for her patient. Kerry on her way back home she has to go through the Green Forest again and she hopes it is just as uneventful as the journey to Glencross. Kerry: Oh, Mister Elf are you here? Elf: I 'm here, but be oh so careful for it is late. Kerry: Will you look after me for safety sake. Elf: I will
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