Character Analysis Of The Green Forest

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One of the things that I noticed when watching one-minute plays is the characterizations the actors bring to what the writer has written and how the plot moves and is still an intelligible story. The Green Forest Characters: Elf, Kerry, Leopard Fade In on a very bright green forest. One day Elf was sitting on a green moss colored rock in the forest and he was wondering what he was going to do this day. Along came Kerry who seem to startle Elf. Elf: (shaken) Who are you and what are you doing walking in the green forest all alone? Kerry: (unsure of self) I am Kerry a caregiver who is very lost. Can you show me the way to Glencross? I have business there. Both start walking down the path that seemed to just appear out of nowhere. Kerry: Where did this path come from? I did not see it when I was walking earlier. Elf: This forest is enchanted and you will see other things good and evil before you leave this forest. (Walking, walking, walking down the path. Looking about for these good and evil things and being ever so careful.) Out of nowhere Kerry spots a green leopard in the very green bushes. Kerry: You scared me, but for some reason you do not seem to be scary. Why is that, Leopard? Leopard: I saw you and I was going to jump out at you, but there is something special about you. Elf: She is a caregiver heading to Glencross. Maybe you think that she can help you somehow. Leopard: Maybe she could and I do have somewhat of a headache that just does not what to
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