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Analysis of The Help How is it possible to be a woman of action when taking action could be a deathtrap? Living in a world where words are as sharp as knives makes change seem like an impossible feat that one could be risking life and limb for. In the 2011 film The Help, one woman’s words attempt to raise a courageous and just army out of a never-ending sea of racial discrimination and bigotry. The hurdles in her path only serve to fuel her fire of justice, and although the film is set in 1960’s Mississippi, connections can be drawn between their world and the world that exists today. The main character, Skeeter’s, limitless ambition and courage make her a unique woman of action since she bears no muscles or weapons, except those of a…show more content…
From the beginning, it is clear that Skeeter is different. She treats the African American maids around her with more respect and kindness than any of her colleagues, and she seems genuinely concerned about their emotions and protecting them from the gossip and talk that goes on behind their backs. After learning of her own childhood maid, Constantine’s, firing while she was away for university, she begins to grasp just how wrongly these maids are treated while working for their respective white families, and she wants to hear their sides. Although collecting the stories from Abileen, Minny, and the other maids, is burdensome and causes her many stressed nights, she is determined to release the never-before-seen tales of the maids- she wants to make a dent in the vastness of the racism during this period. The best way for her to do so is to use the power of tongue and compile these stories into one grand, anonymous book. Very quickly, Skeeter becomes aware that her silent rallies for equality are deemed illegal by the Mississippi state government, since they are advocating for equality between blacks and whites. This is made clear after Skeeter checks out a pamphlet of racial laws from the library and her entirely nosy friend Hilly Holbrook finds it and angrily confronts her about it. Skeeter, Minny, Abileen, and the other household maids also live in a world where…show more content…
Although her mother was not particularly thrilled with the choices Skeeter was making concerning her love life and her job, the film eventually reconciles them when Skeeter’s mother praises her for being the only one with courage in her family. Despite the fact that Skeeter wished for her work to remain anonymous, her entire hometown gleans an idea of who the author might be. The book collapses barriers and reaches those of all races in a divided world. It is safe to say that Skeeter saw a problem and became the woman of action 1960’s Jackson, Mississippi
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