Character Analysis Of 'The Jaunt' By Stephen King

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The Jaunt The Jaunt is written by author Stephen King . It is a story, which takes place in the future around the year 2407. We are introduced to the Oates family of four. The father Mark Oates and his wife Marilys Oates, and their to children the son Ricky Oates who is twelve years old and the daughter Patricia Oates who is nine years old. The story about the Oates family takes place at the present time 2407, but during the story Mark Oates is telling a story about a sci-entist called Victor Carune and this story takes place in the past around the 1987. The story, which takes place in 1987, is written in past tense and the story in 2407 is written as begin present time. I have chosen to have focus on the character and point of view. The protagonist is the father Mark Oates and the scientist Victor Carune is a round characters and he is also important for the story. Some of the minor-character is the rest of the Oates family. I will go into details about the characters Mark Oates and Victor Carune . I will begin by telling about the character Victor Carune, because his invention “The Jaunt” is the foundation for the story about the Oates family. Victor Carune invented “The Jaunt” around the year 1987. The jaunt is a machine, which is able to produce teleportation. When it was invented there was a lot of difficulties in the beginning because no living being was able to survive. Victor Carune was an eccentric typical scientist. He was a loudmouthed foot-dragger. A

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