Character Analysis Of The Midsummer Night's Dream

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In a comedy play written by William Shakespeare which is also talking about a love story - The Midsummer Night’s Dream, Oberon the king of the fairies is the root of all problems. He messes up the relationship between the four lovers, turns Bottom’s head into a donkey, and also make his wife Titania fall in love with Bottom. His characteristics are; selfish, capricious, and he also gets jealous easily. These traits lead to the problems in the play. Oberon messes up the relationship between the lovers when he orders Puck to put love potion into Demetrius’s eyes. This happens because when Demetrius and Helena went into the forest to chase Lysander and Hermia, Oberon overheard their argument about how eagerly Helena wants Demetrius’s love. Oberon wanted to help Helena so she will be thankful to him, so he gave ordered Puck to put love potion on Demetrius’s eyes. But Oberon doesn’t know that Lysander and Hermia are also in the forest.…show more content…
He dislikes Bottom and plays a trick on him by turning his into a donkey. The transformation is appropriate because Bottom’s name is synonymous with ass, so he turned him from an “ass”(bottom) to an “ass”(donkey). Also, he turned his head into a donkey because Bottom acts foolish, stubborn, and pushy. According to the play, when other actors first get scared because of Bottom’s donkey head, Bottom himself doesn’t believe it and ridicule them, “What do you see? You see an ass’s head like yours, do you?... I see their game. This is to make an ass of me, to frighten me, if they can! But I won’t move from this place, however hard they try” (Act THREE Scene 1 line 106-111). This shows even though Bottom is foolish to not trust his mates, Oberon shouldn’t be so capricious to turn Bottom’s head into an ass when he barely knows him, just because he dislikes him. Because of Oberon’s capriciousness, he turned someone he barely knows head into a
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