Character Analysis Of The Movie 'The Emperor's Club'

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Movie – Eight The Emperor’s Club – (Universal Studios, 2002) The protagonist, Mr Hundert, is a dedicated and inspiring classics teacher who has devoted his life to teaching at a prep boarding school for boys. It is the mid 1970’s when a new student, Sedgewick Bell, the arrogant son of a powerful senator, joins his class and challenges Mr. Hundert 's sense of justice and morality. In hopes of motivating Sedgewick and giving him the opportunity to excel academically, Mr. Hundert alters the grades so that Sedgewick will qualify to enter an annual scholastic contest. Mr. Hundert is very disappointing in the outcome; however, he gives Sedgewick an opportunity to redeem himself at the 25th year class reunion only to realize that Sedgewick’s character has not changed. Points to Ponder 1. How does Mr. H. enhance his student’s affective domain through his teaching techniques? 2. Discuss Mr. H’s leadership style according to Diana’s five types of parents and leaders. 3. What is “character” - What do you think of the quote: “A man’s character is his fate”? 4. How did Mr. H. succeed at enhancing his student’s sense of self? Think out the box here. 5. Describe the influence that Sedgewick Bell has on the other boys. They see him as an idol. Mr. H. describes Sedgewick 's influence as "hypnotic". What does he mean by this? 6. Did Sedgewick turn out like his father? Explain. 7. According to Diana’s parenting style theory, a person’s parenting (or leadership) style has a lot to
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