A Film Analysis Of Mr. Incredible

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“The world just wants us to fit in.” – Mr Incredible ‘The Incredibles’ is set in a world where society does not encourage individuality. Society opposes and supresses everyone who is different and forces them to fit into everyday life. The supers are banned from embracing their talents and are made to conform to the norm of society. This took away the meaning of being special. “They keep creating ways to celebrate mediocrity” – Mr Incredible. Average people with no extraordinary talents are praised for their normal level of excellence while the talented are brought down. People are cushioned by the compliments that they are special; disregarding the reality that true greatness is only achieved through effort and talent. The Parr family are a very good example of how society tries to constrict the supers from releasing their full potential. They used to hide behind a secret identity, but now these secret identities have become their everyday lives. At the beginning of the film, we are introduced to Mr Incredible and Elastigirl, two supers whom are living in ‘the glory days’. They are at the top of their game and being praised by society. However, soon after things begin to turn around, and society decides that supers need to remain hidden.…show more content…
Dash is trying to say that the fact that his family and other supers have powers make them different from the rest of the world. When they had to hide their special talents, the family was disconnected. Helen and Bob fought; Violet and Dash argued and annoyed each other on a daily basis and the family were unhappy. However, the end of the film saw the ‘Parr Family’ transforms and unify into ‘The Incredibles’. When they were on Syndrome’s island, they were able to work together, using their powers to fight the Syndrome and his minions, they bonded and became more comfortable in their own self. They went from being extremely self-conscious of their powers to being comfortable in their own
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