Character Analysis Of The Pickwick Club

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It was Dicken 's first novel, and it was published as a seriel.The Primary characters are Samuel Pickwick, the novel 's hero, an old man who created the pickwick club. Augustus Snodgrass who is a part of the club, he sees himself as a writer though he never published anything. Nathaniel Winkle, a companion of Mr. Pickwick and also in the Pickwick Club. He is weird man who fools himself into believing he is a sportsman, however he is definitely not. Oliver Twist Oliver remains alone after running away from the orphanage, he runs into a boy named Jack Dawkins( a.k.a the artful dodger) who tells him that he can take him somewhere with food and shelter free of charge, and Oliver happliy agrees, and when they arrive Oliver meets Fagin and learn that all the boys that live with him must steal from people. After a while he is wrongfully accused of stealing from a man called Mr. Brownlow and after proving innocent In the end fagin is arrested and Oiver and Mr. Brownlow live in peace. Nicholas Nickleby The main character Nicholas Nickleby, and his mother and sister are left without any income after the death of their father, so Nicholas has no choice but to ask uncle for help, but unfourunatly his uncle proves to be cruel, and refuses to help. Nicholas has nothing, and no one to help him, and he is put in Dotheboys Hall, a school for stranded boys, where he and the rest of the boys are abused by the headmaster Sequeers. The Old Curiosity Shop It tells the story of Nell

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