Charlie And The Chocolate Factory Play Analysis

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The defining moment of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” occurs when young Charlie Bucket receives the final golden ticket. This ticket represents more than a piece of fancy paper, it is Charlie’s way to achieve happiness in his not so fabulous life. The moment in this play that ultimately pulled on every audience member’s heart strings ensues when Willy Wonka entrusts the keys to his kingdom to Charlie. This magical moment gives Charlie and his less fortunate family the chance they need to greatly improve their lives. This play is undeniably for the viewer who wants to see the underdog succeed and prosper even through the toughest of adversities. The play “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” was performed at the Chapman Cultural Center in February of 2018 by the Spartanburg Youth Theater and directed by Adam Sanders. The most intriguing aspect of this specific theater relates to the cast and crew members. Every single member of both the cast and crew are between the third…show more content…
This aspect is by far the most important thing to Charlie Bucket. We know by his willingness to share his birthday chocolate bar with all six members of his family, even though he only gets one bar a year. It can be logically assumed through their actions that the other families in this play would never do that for each other. The Gloops, Salts, Beauregardes and Teavees have quite a different family dynamic than the Buckets do. We can 't imagine Augustus or Verucca sharing a chocolate bar with their parents. Those families all experience frightening, unfortunate events as a result of their selfishness, whereas the Buckets have their dreams come true. In the end, we think, this play shows us that families are about hope. If you are generous with your family, and if you stick together, it is possible to get through tough times like Charlie and his loved
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