Character Analysis Of The Summer Of May

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There are many character traits that you could be, for example, positive, negative, sad or mad. You would be pretty bland without them, right? Well in the book The Summer of May, each character has there own unique personality that helps the reader really get to know the character May is and troublesome as is shown when she gets in trouble for making fun of a teacher. In this quote the principle says, “Do you have any idea where this attitude is going to take you? Principal Mola decided to try a different tactic. “Any idea at all? I 'll tell you. Nowhere, young lady. Actually, I stand corrected. It is going to take you to one bi dead end.” (4) As you can see the author introduces May as a troublesome kid early in the book. She gets in trouble so much, that her actions resulted in summer school with her least favorite teacher. To top it all off her teacher makes her paint the whole interior of the school as a punishment. After that you would think she would learn her lesson, well your wrong. She gets mad at her teacher, and decides to misbehave even more. This resulted in even bigger punishment. Mays dad has two main traits. Abusive and mean, as is shown when May tells him she has to go to summer school, and lets just say, he wasn 't calm about the situation. In this part of the book, May 's dad screams, “‘Summer school?’ I pressed the spatula against the sandwich. ‘Well it was that or i get expelled.’ ‘darn it May! He slammed the jug on the counter. What were you
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