Character Analysis Of The Three Little Pigs

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Did you know the 3 Little Pigs was written in 1886 in London and New York? The book the 3 little pigs is about the pigs who build three houses out of different materials. Then a bad wolf blows down the first two pigs houses made out of straw and sticks, but the wolf is unable to destroy the third pigs house which is mad out of bricks. In The 3 Little Pigs, James Halliwell-
Phillipps, uses the character of the wolf to demonstrate the trait of selfishness.
The wolf only cares for him self. In the book the 3 little pigs, the pigs moved out of there mothers house because they wanted to live on there own and build there own house. Then one day the 1st pig hears a knock on his door. The pig hears the wolfs voice asking to let him in. This also happened to the 2nd pig and to the 3rd pig. The 3rd pig is the only pig that’s house was stable. All the wolf wanted was food for him self. "The little pig happily slurped and chewed until he heard an angry knock on the door." "Little pig, little pig, let me come in," said the hungry wolf." "Not by the hair of my chinny, chin, chin!" Said the frightened little pig."(p. 5 and 6.) All the wolf wants to do is to get into the pigs house to get there food. He never thought about how the pigs may feel.This explains why you shouldn 't be shellfish and should care for other people and not just yourself.
The wolf shouldn 't have bothered the pigs he should mind his own business. The wolf went around to all of the pigs house asking to come in. The
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