Character Analysis Of To Build A Fire By Jack London

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“To Build a fire” by Jack London is a short story about a man traveling the Yukon Trail, Alaska during a great winter. The traveler intends to walk through the Yukon’s main trail during winter with sub-freezing temperatures to meet his buddies at a mining camp. The traveler doesn 't have experience traveling in extreme cold and is advised against going alone, but ignoring all warnings and without a complete understanding of severe weather, the traveler decides to embark on this journey with just a dog as a companion. London implies that resilient, strong-minded men can get caught up in an illusion of strength which causes them to act prideful and belittle the reality of their circumstances.
The traveler is the focus and main character in this story, aside from him only two other characters take part in the story. The dog, his companion, only reacts to the events caused by the traveler. The dog’s change of behavior during the mistakes of the traveler helps remark his miscalculations. The old man is present just in the memory of the traveler. He never physically appears in the story, but it is a constant part of his inner dialogue. The primary focus of the story is not the journey of the Yukon trail but of how the traveler’s mindset affected his actions and ultimately caused his demise. The traveler is a flat character because his name, age and background are unknown, of the few things revealed about him are that he is a male of a reasonably steady buildup and that he has a
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