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In August Wilson’s Fences, Troy is the main character, or protagonist, and demonstrates his life and how he treats the people in it. Troy is an older man, who can not accept how times and people are changing, impulsive, and shows tough love to his children. Troy once tried to play professional baseball, but they rejected him due to his skin color. His younger son, Cory, is trying to play college football but his father denies his ability to play. Troy believes since they didn’t allow him to play because of his skin, they wouldn’t allow his son to play either. However, times are changing and racism has started decreasing. Cory tries telling his father about this, but he ignores what he is trying to explain and changes the subject. Troy has made many bad choices in his life,…show more content…
However, Troy had constantly refused to give him the money, but Rose still gave it to him in the end. Troy believed if he could have a girlfriend and eventually his family, he should be able to get a job and support them. With Cory, he didn’t support him to play college football. Troy didn’t believe they were allowing colored people to play sports at a professional level and didn’t want his son to go through the same disappointment he had gone through when he tried playing baseball on a higher level. The only disapproval Cory had gotten was from his father, which resulted in them having a distant father and son relationship. In Fences, Wilson had a good plot and I felt like this is one of the realist plays I have read. He had a story about something that happens every day and I feel like many people have gone through what this once happy family is going through. In the exposition, Troy is very good friends with Mr. Bono as it shows them drinking after work on a Friday. It slowly starts introducing the characters and the setting of the play. As the play continues, Troy is giving his son, Cory, problems about playing football.

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