Character Analysis Of Walk Two Moons

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As Maya Angelou once said,”We may encounter many defeats but we must not be defeated.” This is astonishingly true for the character Sal. Sal went through numerous traumatizing things that impact Sal’s life and emotions in some big ways. I the book, “Walk Two Moons,” by Sharon Creech, external forces greatly shift Sal’s life in different direction. One of the most significant external change that changed Sal’s life, was when Sal’s mother left and never came back, because when she left, Sal didn’t feel any emotion. At first Sal thought she couldn’t feel emotion without her mother because when Sal 's mother was there Sal would be like a mirror of her mother. But she decides she could feel emotion by herself, when a calf walked and stumbled in front…show more content…
But at this point Sal’s mother was pregnant so when her mother gave birth the baby was dead when it got strangled with its umbelacelcord. Sal blamed herself because she thinks if she never climbed that tree none of it would have happened. Sal thought, “ He said to me, “ It wasn’t your fault, Sal—it wasn’t because she carried you. You mustn’t think that,” I didn’t believe him,” (page 138). If Sal didn’t believe her father 's words then she thinks she caused her mothers miscarriage and she is probably upset about this. Sal thought, “ I pretended that it was my mother sitting there and she would still have the baby and everything would be the way it was supposed to be,” (page 140). We can infer that when she means “ … and everything would be the way it was supposed to be.” That she means she was supposed to not been saved and was supposed to be left next to the tree. She’s now wishing she was left next to the tree and her mother didn’t save her, and because she’s blaming herself for the baby’s death. Another significant external change that is a segment of things which have affected Sal is during this period in time, Gram gets bitten by a poisonous rattlesnake but even after being treated at a hospital, it is safe for us to assume this is a factor or a later a cause of her
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