Character Analysis Of West Of Loathing

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Boring Springs is the kind of place that you would leave as soon as you are able to, which is exactly what your character in West of Loathing does after a short tutorial. Once you have decided whether you would like to be a Beanslinger, Cow Puncher or Snake Oiler, you can ride off into the sunset and try to make a name for yourself in the Wild West. However, if the character classes were not a dead giveaway, West of Loathing isn’t exactly the type of western setting you might be familiar with. Sure, it has towns, saloons, horses and bandits, but also necromancers, skeletons and demonic cows. It is also the kind of world where meat is the primary currency and treasure can be found at the bottom of a spittoon. Although West of Loathing makes use of stick-figure style artwork and doesn’t take itself too seriously, it is also a damn good role playing game. All too often games that parody the genre end up falling flat because delivering the same old tropes with a nudge and a wink doesn’t actually make them more fun. West of Loathing sidesteps this problem by actually being very funny and a whole lot of fun to play. It is a single player RPG where the emphasis is firmly on comedy, which means most of the time spent playing it is done while grinning from ear to ear. It doesn’t matter how sullen you are, West of Loathing will wear you down with the sheer amount of jokes and puns it constantly throws at you until you eventually crack a smile, even if it is grudgingly. This is all

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