Julius Caesar Dictator For Life Analysis

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Even though Caesar made sure his enemies feared him, Caesar could somehow inspire his men to build a bridge that was the longest back then in ten days. The author of “Dictator for life” convinced the readers that Caesar both inspired loyalty and was ruthless because of the many actions Caesar did to his enemies and to inspire huge loyalty into his troops to have them build a bridge in ten days. The author convinces the readers that Caesar was both ruthless and inspired loyalty by telling the readers all the actions he did and what his troops could do when they were loyal to him. The author convinces the readers that Caesar is ruthless to his enemies on many occasions. Caesar was ruthless because he could kill many enemies, like when the Germans and the Veneti resisted Rome spreading into a bigger empire, he had his…show more content…
Caesar also made sure his men had adherence to him by paying them twice as much as before. This could be a big part in his men having loyalty to him because most of the men had families needing the money to get fed and be warm in the winter. This is another reason supporting how the authors claim about how Caesar inspired loyalty is convincing the readers. An example of how much Caesar can inspire his soldiers is when the author states “According to the ancient historian Plutarch, soldiers with merely average skills“ became invincible and ready to confront any danger once it was a question of fighting for Caesar’s honor and glory”’(pg.1). This quote shows that Caesar had to have impacted his men if they can go to from being an average man to being willing to face any challenge, if it will be for Caesar’s respect. This also supports the authors claim and convinces the readers that Caesar can have a big impact on his mens loyalty to him. Clearly, the author convinces the readers that Caesar’s men are very loyal because Caesar is very influential to his

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