Character Analysis: Papa's Parrot

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Do you value the people and places around you? If you do, your milieu can influence your life in a gratifying way. In Papa’s Parrot by Cynthia Rylant, Harry’s father, Mr. Tillian, valued his son, his parrot, and his candy shop. In Papa’s Parrot, the possessions and beings Mr. Tillian most valued were his son, his shop, and his parrot. As Harry matured, he and his father grew apart, and Harry no longer visited his father’s candy shop after school. His father would always gaze out the window and watch as his son glanced at him, but Harry never entered the shop. When Mr. Tillian had to go to the hospital, Harry watched over the shop and his father’s parrot. Harry discovered how much his father cared about him when the parrot repeated, “Miss
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