Character Analysis: Paul Revere

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Paul Revere was not a unique hero before the battle of Lexington. Not really known but Paul Revere was one of many heros. In the poem Paul Revere’s Ride it talks mostly about the main things like how Paul Revere and his friend were the main people in the story.this event happened april 18/19 1775. Paul Revere and his friend are setting up an alarm plan to find out how the british will come either by land or sea. This is happening because the british are coming to take away the colonists rights. the plan was for his friend to go to the Old North church and send on lantern if by land and two if by sea. So Paul waited and saw the signal two lanterns so he mounts his steed and rides of into the night so in conclusion if you were taught “Paul Reveres…show more content…
Paul’s life had so many differences before this event just like these two pieces of information.. In the belknap letter paul explains how he had encountered two british soldiers under a tree that noticed him and tried to capture and imprison him. “After I left Charlestown neck I saw two british men on horse back under a tree”.In the Belknap Letter Paul Revere claims that he was taken across the charles river by two men,but in the poem it say that he rowed across the river by himself.’I went to the north part of town where I had kept a boat;two friends rode me across the charles river”(Belknap letter),"then he said “good night” and with muffled oar silently rowed to the Charlestown Shore”. My last difference I noticed was exaggeration,Paul in the letter states that he only went to the main places of his colonies so they could spread the message but in the poem it says he went all around spreading his message.”so through the night rode Paul Revere and so through the night went his cry of alarm”,”I walked across the cemetery and some pastures and came to the’s house”. So there is my differences about these two pieces of information,and so my friend Paul Revere was not a unique hero before the battle of
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