Character Analysis: She Is Dead By Lisa Harrington

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2.The significance of the title is the author Lisa Harrington is trying to tell the readers that a live experience.

3.The setting of the story is in Halifax, Canada in present day.

4.One of the genres in the story is hope, When Libby was trying to regain her memory, she was hoping to find out something good for her, but it didn’t go the way what she thought, it turned out more painful for her. “Kasey is dead.She is the one you hit.”(159) Kasey was dead, she is Libby’s imagination, later on her dad tells her that Kasey is the one who she hit, and Libby’s hope dashed.
Another genre in the story is love, When Libby was in the hospital, Cal came to visit her everyday. It shows that Cal really cares about Libby, Cal accompanied with her until
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When she had an serious injury in the hospital, and she totally forgot about all the things before the accident, all the things he knew was her parent told her, she was curious about what they said, she wanted to find out by herself. She didn’t just lie on the bed and do nothing, she was trying to regain her memory. Even though she didn’t know it is good or bad, she tried many methods to find out what actually happened in the accident. Another main character in the story is Libby’s mother, the thing I don’t like about her is she didn’t tell the truth to her daughter, and lied to her. Libby’s mother lied to Libby that Libby hit someone who has been seriously injured, and Libby’s mother knew that that person is Libby’s friend Kasey. But she didn’t tell Libby. Libby’s mind was disorder after the accident, and that causes Libby had an imagination of Kasey was still alive. At the end, when Libby’s mother and father tells the truth to her, Libby was completely crumbled. If Libby’s mother didn’t lie to her, and told her the truth, Libby would be very sad and shocked that time, but it would be way better than let her know at the end. Libby would have only feel sad in a short amount of time if she knew it at the beginning, she would feel less
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